The Moore Family

The Moore Family

Sunday, February 27, 2011

About that time.....

For Canton, TX!!!! My mom and I are leaving Thurs. this week :) Can't wait. I have SPRING fever bad!!!!

Tacky Night

Tonight at Awana :)

Date Night

We went to Jackson Saturday night for Destin and Chad's birthday this week. We had a great time, Ichiban, shopping, and a movie :) Happy birthday guys!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Terri Clair's Party

The girls had a blast at the "Jessie- Toy Story Party"!!! Happy Birthday TC!!

Dr. Karen Cole

Ok, so I HAVE to tell you all how much I love my doctor, Karen Cole. She is the best! I went for a visit yesterday, and she just hugged me and asked about my girls and family. Tia, my fav. nurse, took me into the room, and said, I wanted to make sure and put you in the room with your girls picture. I looked at the bulletin board and there the girls Christmas card was hanging! It made me feel so good!! Going to the doctor is not the most fun thing to do, but with her a Dr. like Karen, it makes it much better. We talked and exchanged funny kid stories about our children, Her little boy, Stanton was born two months before SaraBeth, so they are both 4 now. I am glad to know that SB is not the only one getting a little "smarty" mouth. She said ,it is the age!! I felt better after that. She is very knowledgeable, and has a great bedside manner. She kept me calm when they told me that Mallory was 8.5 lbs on the sonogram, and she assured me that it was wrong! Praise the Lord, it was, she only weighed 7.7 :) I feel like she is part of my family. When I was leaving yesterday, she asked about my MawMaw, Mama, and girls, she said "please bring them to see me soon." I told her I would, and as I turned to leave the room, my eyes filled up with tears, because I thought to myself, I just LOVE her!! She is so sweet and personable! Anyway, I just had to post about how wonderful my doctor is and if anyone is looking for an OBGYN in Jackson, you should DEFINITELY check her out!! She is at Jackson Healthcare for Women.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


These guys and gals had a blast playing on Sunday while the daddies watched the race!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Barrett's Fish Fry

We went out to Hope and Bobby's this afternoon for Barrett's birthday. The kiddos fished and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside. It was so much fun and supper was great. The kids had a blast. Happy Birthday Barrett Wade, we love you!

Donuts and Pajama Party

SaraBeth's 4th birthday party was this morning at PDS gym. We had a jumper and the kids had a blast! They played on the playground outside too and had fun riding SaraBeth's new four wheeler! She had a great time! Thanks to all our friends and family for coming and all the presents!! We had a blast!

4 year checkup

SaraBeth had her 4 year checkup yesterday in Jackson. The dr. said she was 37 lbs (75th percentile) and 42 inches tall (90th percentile). She said Wow, she is going to be tall!! She did great and didnt even cry when she got her finger pricked. Big GIRL! Dr. Vaughn said that she was a healthy little girl :)

SaraBeth's school party

Friday, I took cupcakes to SaraBeth's class for her birthday. She had a blast celebrating with snacks with her school friends :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011